Lazlo (toforgivedivine) wrote,

permissions and STATS MEME it's memeriffic

Age: . . . like, 167 chronologically. LOOKS about 17-ish. And . . . taken from some unspecified time between those two points.

Height: 170cm

Medical Info:  . . . P-probably seems pretty healthy NOW, although when his Rune was in Atonement phase it was probably melting his organs a little bit. IT'S STOPPED but maybe damage is visible on like . . . CAT scans or something? Basically seems normal and healthy for all intents and purposes.

Eyes:  Blue!

Hair: . . . Light . . . brownish . . . blond . . . ish . . .

What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her:  . . . I can't think of anything that isn't? Lazlo can take whatever you throw at him, basically.

Abilities: OKAY UM. Lazlo has the Rune of Punishment. In IV, this can like vaporize entire fleets of ships. In Tactics it gets souped up to be even more awesome in battle. Since he's in Forgiveness stage right now, he's got Tactics-style Punishment which is awesome. HOWEVER I don't know what it does because I have yet to play this game. So here's a spell list

1. Eternal Ordeal (300 damage to enemy, 30 damage to self)
2. Double-Edged Sword (150 damage to all enemies, 50 damage to self)
3. Voice of Death (Instant death to one enemy, chance of instant death to self)
4. Everlasting Mercy (500 damage to enemies, heals 500 HP to allies)

I will fix this for his Tactics stats once I get them, k. Suffice to say it gets pretty awesomer later on.

Notes for the Psychics: Lazlo is totally normal and well-adjusted. \o/

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?:  Aaaaask first~?

Maim/Murder/Death: You can maim. But NO DEATH EVER OH MY GOD because Lazlo dying would basically fuck over the entire camp. Because if he dies? The Rune of Punishment goes back into Atonement phase, latches onto the left hand of the nearest person, and then kills them and latches onto the nearest person and then kills them and then-- yeah. SO, KILLING LAZLO IS A BAD IDEA.

Cooking: He . . . probably doesn't fail at it?
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